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Your organization needs real leaders who engage people and the real issues. But they can’t do it alone! It’s is no longer about an individual deciding, persuading and enforcing. Collaborative leaders bring people together, help people understand, and move things forward…collectively. It places value on the thoughts, ideas, perspectives and diversity of the team.

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We’re not some old-school leadership consultants, content to throw a bunch of stuff at the wall and hope it sticks. We’re here to partner with you for the long-term, and push your leaders to make real change.

But our research roots run deep. Our team has worked with the best minds in academia and some of the largest and most respected companies on the planet. We know what really works, and we can help you get there.

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As a leader, you've done all the essential work. You're honest, you follow through, you demonstrate integrity, you listen and you care. The hard work of building trust is starting to pay off and now people are really speaking up. Well done!  After working with...

Enough Corporate Speak!

Enough Corporate Speak!

Enough Corporate Speak!   What’s in Your Left-Hand Column? The Ugly Truth These days, just about every company says that they want to tap the creativity of their workforce, that they want to foster meaningful dialogue across silos, that they want to create a culture...

Four False Beliefs About Collaboration

Four False Beliefs About Collaboration

In today’s organizations, just about everybody seems to want more collaboration. We encourage more collaboration within teams, more collaboration across functions, with customers, with external partners…  In fact, we talk about increasing the volume of collaboration...

Real leadership. Lasting results.

We’ve worked with thousands of leaders, across industries, to create real results and raise the level of leadership. Below are some examples of the companies we’ve worked with, and how we’ve partnered to produce meaningful change in their organizations.

Built a coaching culture to take a key BU from #4 to #1 in customer experience & raised engagement to all time high.

Drove performance conversations with 4000+ managers. Raised productivity 8.92% and £60.9 in measured cost savings.

Sparked a new level of teamwork and innovation, driving manufacturing cycle times down from 5-6 months to 21 days.

Leaders we’ve challenged. What they say.

General Manager

– RedBull

“My session with Cambridge was the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been in a training to this day (kudos.) That experience was a very important catalyst for self-awareness for me that helped propel me to where I am today.”

Senior Manager

– Bristol-Meyers Squibb

“Most leadership training provides incremental change. Cambridge programs provided monumental change. Change in retention, self- and employee- satisfaction, and performance across the board.”

Change Leader<