Leadership Belongs to the World

Jun 23, 2016

Everyone’s Responsible. Everyone Can Lead

For too long, leadership has been defined as a position accessible only to a select few. This makes progress slow and painful. It disempowers people and organizations because those who live with challenges day to day don’t see leadership as their responsibility.

The challenges our companies and communities face today cannot be solved by a select few. They demand leadership from people at all levels drawing from a broad spectrum of diversity. They depend on their experience, their wisdom, and their commitment if we are going to drive progress and make a real difference in the world.

Leadership is hard. It demands much of us. And, conventional approaches have reached their threshold. Across 20 years, our relationships with Columbia University, Harvard University and work with leading companies has created a transformative perspective—and a deep sense of responsibility. We work tirelessly to create research-backed leadership principles and proven practices that empower people to make a greater impact in their world than they ever thought possible.

Our mission is to transform leadership into a broad capability. A capability that embodies a global perspective fused with new mindsets and real behavior change. Most importantly, people must embrace leadership as their responsibility. For this to happen, it must be learnable and accessible to all.

Imagine a world where leadership is accessible to and shared by everyone.

This is our vision.